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Replace / retrofit DC drives and equipment with new AC drives and equipment to reduce energy costs and increase plant productivity. Also retrofit and electrify equipment and build required VFD panels to allow integration of equipment being received from another Solo Cup plant.

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Automation and Controls, Electrical


Industrial, Manufacturing


Tri-State Industrial Group analyzed Solo Cup’s process and found that the company was running older DC drives and motors on their extruder lines. An Energy Analysis Study allowed Tri-State Industrial Group to show Solo Cup that they could accomplish both goals – reducing energy costs and increasing plant productivity – by replacing existing DC equipment with new AC equipment. Tri-State built a custom Drive enclosure to integrate their controls with the new AC Drive and Motor.  Very pleased with the results, Solo Cup plans to continue retrofitting their existing DC equipment with new AC equipment.
In a separate project, Solo Cup also transferred two Cooling Towers and a Switchgear from one plant to another, and needed to integrate the equipment into the receiving plant’s operations. Tri-State Industrial Group’s Electrical division was able to work with Solo Cup’s engineers to provide the correct wiring necessary to retrofit the Cooling Towers, and also built two new VFD panels for the Cooling Tower Pumps. The results were successful in allowing Solo Cup to repurpose the equipment.

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